Landlord EICR

Periodic electrical testing, otherwise known as EICR testing or an Electrical Inspection Condition Report (EICR), is a comprehensive inspection of your home or businesses electrical systems and installation. Our specialist periodic testing team can conduct these tests as part of our full range of domestic and commercial electrical solutions.

An EICR is recommended in all domestic homes every 5 years to check the condition of the electrical installation and ensure there is no deterioration, however, there may be reasons why an EICR would need to be done more often for example if the house has a swimming pool or a construction site.

Unlike businesses and landlords, homeowners aren't required by law to conduct a periodic electrical test, although it is often required as part of the buying or selling process. It's also good practice to regularly check the safety of your home's electrics, similar to how you would service a boiler or a car.

After our engineers are done testing the electrical systems and installations in your property, then they will provide you with an Electrical Installation Condition Report, where you will be able to see their observations of any electrical irregularities, faults, and potential hazards. You will also see recommendations about things you could fix, as well as a rating. If this rating is unsatisfactory, then you will be advised to have serious electrical work done on your property as quickly as possible. You can now see that the EICR is a great and easy way to ensure the safety of your tenants or property occupants because they provide you with a complete electrical service. With this, you will have peace of mind for a long time because you're sure your electrical systems are perfectly fine and can do you no damage.